Welcome to Peniel Counselling Centre and Institute for Biblical Counselling

THERE IS AN ANSWER FOR ALL YOUR PROBLEMS. Everywhere there is chaos, confusion, corruption, bribery, betrayal, murder, crime, broken hearts and broken homes. We all face difficult times in our lives and sometimes we need help to get through them. We provide individual, marriage and family counseling to help you to navigate the storms in your life. Whether they are personal to you, dealing with a difficult marriage or spouse or managing children of any age. Almost the entire society seems depressed mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally, but people CAN find solutions through Christian counseling, in the midst of these.
Peniel Counseling Centre is dedicated to helping individuals, couples, and families move through the problems of life toward greater emotional and spiritual health. In a Christian atmosphere of warmth and caring, we help our clients develop new skills, tools and strategies for dealing with old problems. We maintain a commitment to Biblical principles. We welcome all of you to Peniel Counselling Centre in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.