For both Certificate and Diploma courses the following subjects are taught according to the availability of the trainers.The  Certificate Course duration is 6 months and the Diploma for freshners in one (1) year but for those who have completed Certificate course from Peniel counseling Centre or form a recognized counseling centre can do in 6 months.

  1. Introduction to Biblical Counseling
  2. Pre-marital Counseling
  3. Marital Counseling
  4. Personality Development
  5. Introduction to Psychology
  6. Counseling on Inferiority and Self-esteem
  7. Counseling and Anxiety and Loneliness
  8. Counseling on Drugs and Alcohol
  9. Parenting and Child rearing
  10. Counseling on Depression and Anger
  11. Counseling on Financial Problems and Sickness
  12. Biblical and Theological basis of Counseling
  13. Marriage therapy
  14. Child Counseling on Special problems
  15. Youth counseling
  16. Personality Theories
  17. Ministry to the Aged
  18. Counseling to the Addicts and HIV/AIDS affected
  19. Verbatim
  20. Practical counseling (class room)
  21. Academic paper presentations
  22. Video presentation
  23. Library presentation