Statement of Purpose


  1. To help the student understand the significant of Biblical counseling.
  2. To help the student understand the inseparable connection of theology and counseling.
  3. To confirm and illustrate the fact that many, perhaps most, counseling problems usually involve and are reflective of bad theology.
  4. To train the student to make theological thinking about people, their problems and the solution to those problems a habit pattern.
  5. To equip each student to grow in Christian maturity and better counselor in the church of Jesus Christ.

1)      Assist individuals, married people, and family with dysfunctions, and to hold counseling, seminar, study classes for individuals, Pre-marital, and Marital counseling.

2)      To assist persons who desire systematic instructions on biblical counseling and from the word of God in harmony with the doctrinal beliefs of the Assemblies of God, to prepare for better counseling, to develop character, morals, spiritual and ethical standards worthy of a disciples of Christ, and to stimulate missionary and evangelistic zeal for the Kingdom of God.

3)      To issue certificates or diplomas to those who successfully complete the prescribed biblical counseling courses, as authorized by the Board of Directors of the Centre.

4)      To begin branch counseling institutions at appropriate places where students can do counseling courses.